My new profile pic… yay !

I couldn’t be happier, and I wanted to share with you ~ my new profile picture.. YaY !!!  I’m not sure if you noticed, but some of the content on this site has labels that say, ‘AmigurumiTreasures’.  Well.. that’s me (too!).  It’s my old name.  Actually.. I should say, it was my (new) name from when I changed it from ~ get this ~ mahinabunny!

It’s a long story , but I will try to keep short and sweet ~  (since I want to keep all my blogs enjoyable) ~ but in case you were wondering ..^o^.. when I first started making my plushies a few years back, I wanted to think of a unique name for myself, one that no one had.  I love the moon.. and I love bunnies .. but, there were just too many variations of moonbunny out there (I didn’t want to copy.. That would be terrible!) so I thought of another way to say moon… so from my Hawaiian background, I chose ‘mahina’ which is moon in Hawaiian.. and added my ‘bunny’ (of course.. who would even use that or even know what that is ;)!

Well,  some months later, someone from across the seas decided to use MY name to sell crafts they made!  It made me so sad, but after much thought & deliberation, changed my name to amigurumitreasures.  After a two year journey, however, I decided to come back to the name I created and loved (and still love so much) ~ MahinaBunny ;)!

I couldn’t be any happier !!!  Etsy was so0o wonderful too.. allowing me also to change back to my original name (something they usually don’t do!).. so now i’m in the middle of changing aLL my pictures to what it once was ;)!  If I was a little more tech savy (like i’m sure most of you are;) ~ I think I’d be done! Haha.. but.. I’m not.. so it’ll be a little while.. but I assure you it’s me!  Back home & happy to share w you my love  😉 xo

Thank you to all who helped me get where I am to day.. and those of you who are new.. I appreciate you being here… seeing me through my adventure … I wish you all many days of happiness and smiles !

Hugs 2u always… Miki 😉 ~ aka:  MahinaBunny !!!!

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