My journey..

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Plushies 100% Handmade.. w Love .^o^.

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed making crafts. Getting messy.. (or making a mess?) was part of the deal.. buttons, glue, paints, yarn.. you name it.. I’ve tried it!   Creating has always been a passion of mine!

A couple years ago, I taught myself how to crochet and what fun it was! I was so happy that I was able to make so many kawaii stuffed animals for my friends and loved ones, that I think I went a little ‘ami crazy’ ~ lol 😉

All my plushies are handmade with time, love and LoTs of care.  I love putting each of them together and seeing them PoP with their own unique personality.  They are each designed to bring smiles and a little extra happiness & cheer to you! Recently (this May 2018).. I started another new journey making patterns!!!

To be able to share this new LoVe of mine with you.. makes my days soOo enjoyable !   I do hope you enjoy looking, and hope you will also find a little something that will make your heart happy! ❤